Themed Slot Machines

Slot machines are casino gambling machines with a number of reels that spin when a button is pushed or a handle is pulled. There are classic slot machines that are characterized by three reels and a lever on the side of the machine. Now they have evolved into machines with more than three reels, and the levers have now evolved to buttons along with a number of variations on the themes used in the slots. There are now video slots that offer a more favorable gambling option for players as compared to reel machines.

Movie themed slots

The evolution of slots has now moved into themed slots where the different slot machines are branded using various themes. There are the movie themed slots, love themed slots and others that aim to give players a great gaming experience that involves transporting players to another place, based on the theme being used. Some of the themed slots that have turned out to be very popular in the past are Tomb Raider, Cleopatra and Iron Man slot themes among others.

Sport themed slots

There are sports themed video slots that are ideal for sport enthusiasts surrounding such themes as football, rugby, basketball and baseball among others. They are competitive in that there is an art to getting the tie in correctly, and the players also enjoy the bonus games given. There is also a Kentucky derby theme for horse racing enthusiasts which goes to show how creative these slot machines are capable of being.

Love machine online slot games

These are popular slot machines that are manufactured in the three reel format. These slots are valued for their simplicity. In terms of coin wins, they give players a maximum of $600 and in terms of a jackpot win, players can win up to $ 6000.

It is simple to play this slot game as you only have to pull a lever to kick start the spinning of the reels. You will notice that the reels are romantically styled, which is where the game gets its name. They have designs such as roses, hearts, and strawberries. When you win, you will notice that the hearts flash during a win.

Benefits of playing Love themed slot machines

Love themed slot machines are valued for their simplicity as compared to playing a video slot themed machine. They also require low wagers and as is indicated, the payout is not bad whether it is in coins or whether they win a jackpot. These themed slot machines are ideal for the first time casino players and can be played by anyone. They are not loaded with unique features as is the case with many modern slot machines these days, and the celebrations features put in such as love hearts popping up and cupid arrows popping balloons are fun.

You will find these slots in land casinos and online casinos, but the overall effect is the same. They are simple to play, and the reward is reasonably good considering that players do not have to spend a lot of their money playing them. Themed slot machines are ideal for people looking for simple fun when playing casino games.

Casino reviews

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