Books and Writers of Different Slot Books

There are many slot games in the world and many books have been written based on different versions of slot games.

Slots is the most played casino games in the world and there are thousands of versions of this game can be found in the world. The main rule of slot game is puss the button or turns the handle to spin the reels of slot machine and it will appear a number and if the number is your betting number you will win the game. The variants of slot game come by the changes of the machine by changing the reels and lines but the rule is the same for every variant of this game. Some of the popular slot books name that explain the slots strategy and
Writer name are given below:

  • Arcadia: Slot Machines in Europe & America
    Writer: Jean-Claude Baudot
  • Avery Cardoza's 100 Slots
    Writer: Avery Cardoza
  • Bally Slot Machine
    Writer: Marshall Fey
  • Beat the Slots!
    Writer: Marten Jensen
  • Beat the Slots!
    Writer: Martin J. Silverthorne
  • Beating Poker Slot Machine
    Writer: R. Carl Cohen
  • Big Book of Slots
    Writer: Marten Jensen
  • Slot Machine: Pictorial History of the First hundred Years of a World's Most Popular Coin-Operated Game Device
    Writer: Marshall Fey
  • Slot Machines: The Favorite American Gaming Device
    Writer: Marshall Fey
  • Slot Machine: Fun Machine or Tax Machine? The Technician Reveals, Truth About One-Armed Bandits
    Writer: Ian B. Williams
  • Slot Smarts: Winning Strategie of Slot Machine
    Writer: Claude Halcombe
  • Slots for Clueless: The Beginner's Guide of Playing and Winning (Clueless Guides)
    Writer: John Patrick
  • So You Want To Be a Gambler. Slots, Roulette
    Writer: John Patrick
  • Stupidity and Slot Machines Players in Las Vegas
    Writer: David A. Goldberg
  • Basics Of Winning at Slots (4th Edition)
    Writer: J. Edward Allen
  • Facts of the slots: introduction to slot machine, playing in legal casinos of the world
    Writer: Walter I Nolan
  • Insider's Guide: Winning at Slots
    Writer: Bob Royal
  • Slot Expert's Guide for Playing Slots
    Writer: John Robison
  • Slot Machines Answer Book
    Writer: John Grochowski
  • The Slot Machine
    Writer: Dave Aquino
  • Smart Bet Guide to Slots & Video Poker
    Writer: Basil Nestor
  • Winning at Slot Machines
    Writer: Jim Regan
  • Don't Play Slot Machines (Until You Read This Book)
    Writer: Michael D. Geller
  • How To Cash In On The Video-Poker Slot Machine
    Writer: Donald Currier
  • How to Win a Million Playing Slot Machine!: ...Or Lose Trying
    Writer: Frank Legato
  • Powerful Profits from Slots
    Writer: Victor H. Royer
  • Robbing One-Armed Bandits. Finding & Exploiting Advantageous Slot Machine
    Writer: Charles W. Lund
  • Secret of Modern Slots Playing
    Writer: Larry Mak
  • Secrets of the Winning Slots
    Writer: Avery Cardoza
  • Slot Machines Answer Book. How They Work, How They Have Changed & How to Overcome a House Advantage, second Edition
    Writer: John Grochowski
  • Slot Machine
    Writer: Chris Lynch
  • Slot Machine Magic
    Writer: Donald Currier
  • Slot Machine Mania
    Writer: Dwayne Crevelt & Louise Crevelt
  • Slot Machines Strategy: Winning Method for Hitting Jackpot
    Writer: MacIntyre Symms
  • Slot Machine & Coin Op Games
    Writer: Bill Kurtz
  • Slot Machines
    Writer: Dieter Ladwig
  • Slot Machines on Parade
    Writer: Robert N. Geddes

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