Instant Win Game Varieties

Online gambling has become a popular industry because it has brought gambling to our doorsteps. If you want to gamble on any game, you don’t have to find a land casino to go to. Just as long as you can connect to the internet through a mobile phone, laptop and other internet connected devices - you can gamble. It has been made attractive by the variety of games on offer that keep people coming back. A good example is the instant win a variety of games.

What are instant win games?

These are games played for money that can offer you winnings on the spot. They are also referred to as fixed odds instant games. They are referred to as instant win games because the odds in the games are always the same, regardless of the wager your place or the instant win the game you choose. Examples include scratch card games, instant bingo, online slots and quizzes among others. These games are available in social venues such as pubs and casinos, but when you cannot access these areas you can access them online. Instant win games that are common in pubs and casinos include slots and sports quizzes.

Types of instant win games

  • Instant- win sweepstakes
  • These are sweepstakes that give you a prize immediately. Traditionally, sweepstakes required that one purchase a ticket and wait for a lottery draw at the end of the week to find out whether you had the winning numbers or not. With, instant sweepstakes, you get to know whether you have won a prize or not, on the spot. If you are playing online, you get your answer immediately after your entry goes through, and you get a message on your computer screen showing you if you have won or not.

  • Casino themes instant win games
  • These games are exciting because they offer a variety of themes to choose from. There are sports themed instant win games such as Bonus Bowling, slot games and bingo games among others that offer attractive themes to gain and keep players interests. They even have progressive jackpots that offer players a chance to win a jackpot whose value keeps rising with each player’s participation in the game.

Advantages of playing instant win games

  • These games have the benefit of providing instant gratification when it comes to entertainment and winnings - for those on a lucky streak.
  • They provide a chance for players to win easy money with little effort on their part.
  • They allow gaming enthusiasts to enjoy casino themed instant win games from the comfort of their own homes as long as they can access them through the internet.
  • There are instant win games that offer free games for players to try out that gives gamers an opportunity to learn different games.
  • There are free games that offer players a chance to play games with no risk on their part. This gives them a chance to learn and enjoy the game, and later invest some money to win.
  • Online instant win games do not require players to download and install any software. This is because they are found on common web browsers, and are made using flash technology.
  • These games give many people a chance to win. The odds are high as about one person in three gets to win a price.

For these advantages, playing instant win games is the way to go.

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