Know about Some Casino Books

There are many casino books, including special slots books, are on the market and when you can get one then you can learn that some of these books don't have any clue they are only the propaganda. So whenever you want to learn a game you must find the best book on the game. I know this is a hard work to do but if you about some great writers then getting the best casino books will not be a problem at all. Some of the popular casino books names and brief descriptions are given below:

Killer Roulette: How to Beat the Unbeatable

Writer: Carl Sampson

You will find all the names and tales of the most successful roulette players in this book. How they played the game, what was their strategy to play the game, what are their advices for the newer players of the game, all you can find in this book. Winning in roulette table is harder than many other casino games and you have the ratio 1 to 35 o win in the game, so you must know every thing about the game to increase the chance of your winning in the game.

Number of Pages of the Book: 224

Princes of Darkness: The World of High Stakes Blackjack

Writer: Carl Sampson

This is another best seller casino book of Carl Sampson. This is the book where the writer arranged a story where he built a team of blackjack players after losing a lot of money in some casinos. They made some backer then started playing. At the end they won lot of money with huge reputation in the gambling market. You can learn how to play the game, what are the best strategies of the game what is the perfect time to play the game from the book. I like it and I am sure that you will also like it.

Number of Pages of the Book: 272

Jonny Magic and the Card Shark Kids

Writer: David Kushner

This is a book of man who was so poor but become millionaire by trading card games magic. Though you can think that this is an ordinary story but this is not this the best story about card games and by reading this book you will learn a lot about poker and its strategies. You must read this before start playing poker.

Number of Pages of the Book: 240

American Roulette: How I turned the Odds Upside Down

Writer: Richard Marcus

This is a book based on American roulette and you will learn about most of the tips and strategies related to American roulette and other casino games from this book. This book is presumed as the Bible of American roulette for the boldness of the tips and strategies of this book. You must read it.

Number of Pages of the Book: 370

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